пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Third of Russians believe sun revolves around earth

MOSCOW—Does the sun revolve around the earth? About one third of Russians appear to believe so, according to a survey published on Wednesday.
Thirty-two percent of Russians reject a sun-centered Solar system, four percent more than in 2007 when a similar survey was conducted, the Russian Center of Public Opinion Research showed.
The survey highlighted scientific superstitions among Russians and was released as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called this week for national lunar and deep space programmes.
The survey also found 55 percent of Russians believe that radioactivity is a human invention.
Twenty-nine percent believe humans lived in the era of dinosaurs. Women are more likely than men to believe scientific superstitions, the survey found.
The survey was conducted in January among 1,600 people in different regions, with a 3.4-percent margin of error.

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  1. How can the other half of the space race believe something like that? Wait... Americans still believe in creationism. Carry on.

  2. Are you serious?
    This is why the Aliens dont want to deal with us yet people !

  3. >.> Russians are morons with gov't genius' keeping them in the dark...

  4. Congradulations on your new blog, comrade.
    An intresting post.
    Im not one of those 29% of Human dinosaur belivers.

  5. haha, that's funny! but you know it is always difficult to answer ever pretty simple questions, if you don't expect them, e.g. interviews outside

  6. oh guys
    motion relative, u know?
    so all people was right.